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City of Richmond, CA

In 2014, the City of Richmond was introduced to FlowWorks through working with Infrastructure Engineering Corporation (IEC) and their Operations Manager, George Elaro. The City was intrigued with FlowWorks due to it not being flowmeter specific. The city utilizes meters from ADS, ISCO and Telog and wanted to be able to store all their data in one place, rather than having to be restricted to one software offering or system associated with one brand of flow meters or data logging equipment.

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Richmond Case Study

City of Kimberley, BC

In October 2013 the City of Kimberley implemented FlowWorks to monitor the operation of their water systems. The city had made significant investments in monitoring instrumentation for their water and wastewater systems and was seeking a data management solution. After viewing the FlowWorks system at a local conference the decision to implement FlowWorks came through a water loss management planning project supported by the Columbia Basin Trust.

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Kimberley Case Study