FlowWorks Privacy Policy

FlowWorks sole business is helping municipalities, utilities and industrial clients gather, manage, analyze and make actionable information out of data; FlowWorks has a strict privacy policy that our firm and staff adhere to:

  • FlowWorks will NEVER sell or otherwise distribute your contact information to any third party.  User contact information is only used for FlowWorks internal billing and support services.
  • FlowWorks is NEVER a conduit for information between users of the FlowWorks platform, or potential users who bring prospective projects to FlowWorks.  If a potential user brings a prospective project to FlowWorks, FlowWorks will never actively seek to work that project with any other party or firm.
  • From time to time, FlowWorks may extend news or other information to you as an active user through your contact information.  Users may opt to not receive such information at any time.
  • FlowWorks uses cookies to enhance the user experience.  Examples include allowing users to return to FlowWorks without having to login again, and gathering anonymous usage statistics to help us enhance features of the platform.  We never track, collect or distribute any personally identifiable information.
  • Users maintain exclusive ownership of all data transferred to FlowWorks. FlowWorks staff will not review any data without the user’s express consent.  FlowWorks will not use user data in the course of any day-to-day business, or provide access to user data to anyone other than the user or user’s authorized representatives(s) without the user’s express written consent.
  •  Upon termination of FlowWorks service by a user, all live copies of the user’s data will be purged from FlowWorks servers. Through the operation of offsite backup systems, copies of said user’s data may remain on alternate storage media (such as offsite tapes) for up to 6 months, however said data will not be accessible and remains covered by FlowWorks Privacy Policy.